Zecco's Complete Menu of Professional Grade Research Tools
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Zecco's Complete Menu of Professional Grade Research Tools

Tools that:  Identify  |  Analyze  |   Monitor  |  Educate


Stock Screener

Find stocks meeting your exact investment criteria using more than 50 customizable screening criteria

ETF Screener

Quickly filter through exchange traded funds by screening with more than 30 different criteria

Mutual Fund Screener

Find the right mutual funds based on management fees, sectors, and more than 30 other filters


Quotes and Research

Get real time quotes, news, analyst reports and technical data for companies, markets, sectors and industries

Options Strategy Builder

Visualize any options strategy on a P&L chart. Find a new options strategy based on your risk tolerance and market outlook


Analyze your portfolio performance and the tax implications of your investment decisions


Zecco Streamer

Track the markets with real-time, streaming data and make informed investment decisions on the fly

Alerts Center

Receive daily market news and set notifications for specific company and market events

Quotestream II

Monitor fluctuations in the market in real-time with streaming Level 2 data

Zecco Mobile

Check real-time balances, portfolios, and watch lists. Find opportunities in quotes, charts, news, and alerts


Stocks Education

Learn how to trade stocks or perform advanced technical and fundamental analysis

Options Education

Study how to trade options and pick strategies matching your investment goals

Retirement Planning

Educate yourself on IRAs, 401Ks, and how to invest for your retirement