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Posting Rules For Blogs And Forums

Zecco Holdings, Inc. ("Zecco Holdings") maintains Zecco.com as a platform for public participation and social networking. Zecco.com forums and blogs are owned and offered by Zecco Holdings. The forums and blogs are subject to an acceptable use policy, detailed in the Zecco.com Terms of Service. Members must agree to the Terms of Service upon joining the Zecco.com Community. Beyond this, the forums and blogs have several additional policies regarding participation, including these Position Rules and Member Code of Conduct. Further details regarding posting activity may be addressed in the FAQ.

While Zecco.com is intended as a platform for open discussion among Community members, Zecco Holdings retains the exclusive right at its sole discretion to remove content or to ban any member from Zecco.com for any reason, including, but not limited to, failure to abide by the Terms of Service, Member Code of Conduct, these Posting Rules, or any instructions from Zecco Holdings.

Zecco Holdings has appointed specific employees to be engaged in monitoring activity within the Zecco.com Community. These moderators are authorized to respond in the event that the Terms of Use or Posting Rules are violated. This may include, but is not necessarily limited to, a warning to a member, the removal of certain content, or the banning of a member from the Community.

Additionally, certain members who are not Zecco Holdings employees but are frequent users of the Community may be designated by Zecco Holdings as "Community Advocates." Community Advocates are encouraged to promote thoughtful and civilized discussion among members, and to notify a Zecco Holdings employee if they encounter violations of the Terms of Use or Posting Rules, or content that seems suspicious or unusual.

The Zecco Holdings moderators and Community Advocates are not employees or representatives of the broker-dealer, Zecco Trading, Inc. ("Zecco Trading"). Zecco Trading does not host or moderate the Zecco.com blogs or forums. Zecco Trading personnel are prohibited from posting to the Zecco.com blogs and forums. Information about Zecco Trading can be found by contacting Zecco Trading customer support.

Posting Rules:

  • Do not post content that is false or misleading, lacks factual basis or offers guarantees of future performance of any financial instrument.
  • Do not impersonate any person or entity, including, but not limited to, an agent or employee of Zecco Holdings or Zecco Trading, Inc, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity.
  • Do not spam. Spam includes, but is not limited to: automated, unsolicited posting of irrelevant advertisements.
  • Do not shill for 3rd parties. You can promote your own ideas as long as you deliver overall value to the reader in your posts. Embedding affiliate links and ad programs in your posts is not allowed. Zero tolerance policy.
  • Posts detailing a specific transaction or service of Zecco Trading may be promptly removed. Due to SEC and FINRA compliance issues, Zecco Holdings personnel cannot respond to questions regarding Zecco Trading issues. For any questions or concerns regarding a particular trade or brokerage service or transaction, please contact Zecco Trading customer service directly.
  • General feedback on Zecco.com or Zecco Trading should be provided through the Zecco User Group. This group is meant for dedicated Zecco members and Zecco Trading customers who wish to be involved in providing valuable feedback to improve the user experience at Zecco. The Zecco User Group has its own, restricted access Forum on Zecco.com. If you wish to apply to the Zecco User Group, you can send an e-mail to the Editor ([email protected]), indicating your name and Zecco user name.
  • Posts must not violate standard copyright law. Acceptable use and fair use rules includes quoting and attribution of a public document for comment and criticism.
  • Posts will be removed immediately if deemed to violate this rule.
  • The user that created the post will be notified of non-compliance, and asked to edit and repost with appropriate original content.
  • Posts must comply with all US laws, including but not limited to: laws against defamation, libel, improper disclosure of confidential information, and theft.
  • Don't cause/threaten irreparable harm to another poster - physically, emotionally/mentally, or financially.

Member Code of Conduct

  • Conduct yourself in a professional manner. Thought-provoking commentary, incisive criticism and arguments supported by verifiable facts are encouraged. Posts including profanity or lewd commentary will be removed. Ad hominem attacks and inflammatory rhetoric are not much liked, and hate speech whether racial, ethnic, or gender-based is not tolerated.
  • Do respect the opinions and viewpoints of others.
  • Practice full disclosure in all possible instances.
  • Publicize your direct associations and indirect business relationships within the context of a post as relevant to the discussion.
  • Do utilize your signature space, user profile and biography details to present all relevant educational background and/or financial business experience.
  • Understand that your commentary could possibly have an unlimited shelflife. Your posts may appear for an undetermined amount of time – months, even years into the future. It may be impossible to completely remove statements, references, emails or web addresses after a set amount of time. Therefore, think about the future implications of your posts as you are writing and responding within the forums or blogs.