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Pricing and Fees

What are the commission rates at Zecco Trading?
At Zecco Trading, online stock and ETF trades cost just $4.95. Online options trades are $4.95 plus $0.65 per contract. For more information, see our pricing and fees.
What does Zecco Trading charge for trades of low priced securities, or "penny stocks"?
Zecco Trading charges $6.95 for any online stock or ETF trade executed at a price below $1.00. This charge does not apply to Broker-assisted trades.
Is Zecco Trading still offering free stock trades?
Zecco Trading occasionally offers free stock trades for promotional and service reasons. As announced in February 2011, Zecco Trading no longer offers automatic free stock trades but continues to deliver a premium investing experience that is 30% - 50% less than our competitors. For more information about the great value offered by Zecco, see our pricing and fees.
Does Zecco Trading pay interest on credit balances?
Yes. By default, cash balances of $500 or more earn an annual interest rate of 0.025% (as of 1/01/2009). If your cash balances are swept into a money market portfolio, you will earn the current interest rate for that portfolio. You can request money market sweep through the secure message center.
Do you charge commission on partial executions?
Zecco Trading does not charge commissions on partial fills beyond the initial execution unless you modify your order after a partial fill or the order is a GTC order that executes over the course of multiple days.
Is there any fee for the dividend reinvestment program?
No, there is no fee for our dividend reinvestment program. You can enroll in Dividend Reinvestment through the secure message center.
What is a Hard to Borrow fee?
In order to fulfill a customer short selling a security, Zecco Trading's clearing firm (Apex Clearing Corporation) must have the security in itsinventory. If there are no shares available in their inventory, it must go out and borrow that security. You may be charged a Hard to Borrow fee when short selling a thinly traded security. The amount of the fee is based on a variety of factors, most importantly demand and prevailing market rates. The Hard to Borrow fee is passed through to customer accounts with no markup.
What is Non DTC Eligible equity fee?
While the vast majority of equities traded by Zecco Trading customers are DTC-eligible, certain low priced equities (priced under $1.00 per share, commonly known as "Penny Stocks") are not DTC-eligible or have had their eligibility revoked. You may consult the Known Non-DTC-Eligible List in our Disclosures Page or contact the specific company whose equity you intend to trade to confirm eligibility.

Settlement of non-DTC-eligible requires physical processing, which can result in significant execution, deposit, transfer agent and other fees which can be as much as $700 per trade. The fees generated by the settlement of these physical positions are passed through by our clearing firm, Apex Clearing Corporation, directly to our customers.

Fees related to these trades may be charged to a customer account as late as three weeks after a non-DTC-eligible equity trade. These fees may appear in your account listed as "DTC Fees", "Deposit Fees", "Transfer Agent Fees", "NYW Fees" or in other ways.

Please note that neither Zecco Trading nor Apex Clearing Corporation mark up any of these fees before they are passed through to customers. It is your responsibility to investigate the eligibility status of a low-priced equity before trading it.

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