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Account Funding and Transfers

How do I deposit funds into my Zecco Trading account?
You can fund your account in any of the following ways:
How do I transfer my brokerage account to Zecco Trading from another broker?
  1. First, open a Zecco Trading account.
  2. Once your Zecco Trading account is opened, you will be able to transfer an account from another brokerage. Read more about account transfers.
Does Zecco Trading reimburse account transfer fees?
Yes. Zecco Trading will reimburse account transfer fees up to $150 for any account transfer of $15,000 or more. Once your transfer to Zecco Trading has been completed and fees have been applied, please complete and submit an Account Transfer Fee Reimbursement Request Form. Following verification, your account will be credited within 10 business days. Some restrictions may apply, so please read the Terms and Conditions on the form for more information.
I made an ACH transfer. Why is my money not yet available for trading?
Approved ACH deposits can take up to 3 business days to be reflected in your Zecco Trading account. However, we may put a hold on incoming deposits for an additional 5 business days to verify that your funds have cleared from the originating financial institution. Remember that an ACH is like an electronic check, and while you may see the funds already debited from your bank account, it can take 5 business days to guarantee their availability. Like most financial institutions, we look at several factors to determine the availability of funds, including account balance, deposit history, and account tenure.
Can I deposit a physical stock certificate into my Zecco Trading account?
Yes, but only if it is an unrestricted listed or Nasdaq National Market System (NMS) stock. Simply complete a stock certificate deposit form and send both the form and certificates directly to:

Apex Clearing Corporation
Attn: Stock Receipts
1700 Pacific Avenue, Ste. 1400
Dallas TX 75201

Zecco Trading does not accept:

  • Pink Sheets listed stock certificates
  • OTC Bulletin Board listed stock certificates
  • Restricted stock certificates

Please do not try to send ineligible certificates, as they will be returned and a processing fee and shipping fee will be charged to your account.
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