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Account Opening

What is the minimum deposit required to open a Zecco Trading account?
There is no minimum deposit to open a Zecco Trading account. However, margin accounts must have a minimum balance of $2,000 to maintain margin privileges.
Where can I get a copy of my Zecco Trading application?
You can download and print your account application online at any time.
Where can I find forms and documents?
Visit the Forms Library.
Can non-U.S. citizens open a Zecco Trading account?
Yes, non-U.S. citizens can open an account with Zecco Trading. We offer accounts to U.S. nationals, resident aliens, and non-resident aliens, with the exception of residents of some countries in U.S. government-blocked jurisdictions.
I'm a foreign customer. What kind of paperwork is required to open my account?
If you are a foreign customer without a Social Security number, we will need the following documentation after you submit your application online:
Can Canadian residents open a Zecco Trading Account?
Canadian residents are currently unable to establish an account due to current Canadian security regulations. However, Canadian citizens residing outside of Canada can open an account at Zecco Trading.
Do you offer business, trust and corporate accounts?
Yes, Zecco Trading offers business accounts (Corporate, Partnership, LLC), trust accounts, custodial (UGMA and UTMA) and Coverdell accounts. Apply by creating a username and downloading an application form today.
I was asked to provide a 407 letter after applying for an account. What is it?
Employees of firms regulated by the NYSE or FINRA have the responsibility to disclose potential conflicts of interest when trading personally, in accordance with NYSE Rule 407 and FINRA Rule 3050. Zecco Trading account applicants affiliated with NYSE or FINRA will be requested to provide a "407 Letter" as a part of their application. The letter, from your employer's Compliance Department, should explicitly authorize Zecco Trading to open the account, and specify if and where duplicate copies of confirmations and statements should be sent.
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