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FAQs – Most Asked

How do I open a Zecco Trading account?
Open a Zecco Trading account online today.
Where can I get a copy of my Zecco Trading application?
You can download and print your account application online at any time.
How do I fund my account?
You can fund your account in any of the following ways:
How do I enable my account to trade on margin?
To apply for margin privileges, submit a Margin Application.
How do I request an increase in my options trading level?
To apply for options trading privileges or increase your options trading level, submit an Options Application.
Where can I find forms and documents?
All Zecco Trading forms are available in the Forms Library.
Where can I find details about Zecco Trading's pricing and fees?
You can find detailed commission and fee information within the Explore section under pricing and fees.
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