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One Powerful Options Trading Platform.
One Seriously Low Price.

Serious options traders choose Zecco Trading because there are no compromises. You get one seriously low price, the tools you need to identify opportunities, and an easy to use order ticket tailored to a wide array of complex strategies.

Low cost options trades $4.95 plus $0.65 contracts


Easy Order Entry of Complex Strategies
Whether you want to buy a call or put, put on a calendar spread, or get serious with a condor or butterfly, our strategy based order ticket makes it a snap to execute. And unlike many other brokers, the order ticket sits on the same page as the chains, so you don't need to jump back and forth to build a spread.
Options Trade Profit and Loss Calculator
Whatever strategy you're thinking of – a spread, a butterfly, a condor – you can easily graph the profit and loss potential of your strategy. Then simply move the slider to see how time decay or a change in volatility could affect your payout.

Powerful Options Chains
Knowledgeable options traders need more than bid-ask spread. That's why our powerful chains automatically calculate time value, delta and implied volatility for you.
Options Success Probability Calculator
Ever wonder how likely your strategy is to pay out? Simple! Just use our powerful Probability Calculator to see the chance of an underlying security hitting your target price.

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