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Options Trading Education

Knowing how to trade options can be a powerful and versatile tool in your options trading toolkit.

From conservative income generation to highly leveraged speculation, you'll find an options strategy that meets your needs. Think a stock is going up or down? Or sideways? Or maybe you think it's going up or down big, but don't know which way? You'll find options trading strategies here that will allow you to potentially profit under any of these scenarios.

Options for Beginners

Don't know a stock option from a hole in the ground? Don't worry, you've come to the right place. We've created a whole section making it easy to learn options basics.

Options Analytics

Zecco Trading provides a number of tools, so you can find the options trade that's right for you:


Pick the Options Trading Strategy for Your Investing Goals

The first step in trading options is deciding which of the three main uses of options meets your investing objectives:

Place Your Bets!

The beauty of options trading is that you can make money (or lose money) whether a stock is going up, down or sideways. Lucky for you, we've put together this convenient table that will help you find an options strategy aligned with your hunch.

What do You Think a Stock is Doing?

Strategy Profit Potential Risk Potential Reward
Going up Call
Bull Call Spread
Going down Put
Bear Put Spread
Going sideways Covered Call
It's moving big, don't know which direction Straddle
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