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Zecco Holdings, Inc. and Zecco Trading, Inc. take your privacy, security, and right to information very seriously. The aim of this page is to provide a single place for you to access and understand information you need to make informed investment decisions.

Keep in mind that Zecco Trading offers online discount brokerage services to self-directed investors, and neither Zecco nor Zecco Trading make recommendations or offer investment advice.

By your use of the Zecco and Zecco Trading websites and services, you agree to be bound by these disclosures and their future revisions. The most updated version of these documents will always be available for your review on this page and you agree to visit it frequently to review any changes.

Your Privacy at Zecco
Zecco Holdings Privacy Policy
Terms of Service
Account Security at Zecco Trading
User Agreement
Business Continuity Statement
Account Protection
Statement of Financial Condition
Your Account at Zecco Trading
Account Agreement
Joint Account Agreement
Account Agreement Supplement
IRA Account Agreement
Roth IRA Account Agreement
ACH Agreement
Customer Identification Program
Electronic Signature and Delivery
Electronic Trading
Instant Account Verification Agreement
International Use
Penson Customer Information Brochure
FINRA Public Disclosure Program
Real Time Quote Agreements
NASDAQ Online Subscriber Agreement
OPRA Electronic Form of Subscriber Agreement
Investing at Zecco Trading
Conditional Orders Disclaimer
Day Trading Risk Disclosure
Extended Hours Disclosure
Leveraged ETFs Disclosure
Low Priced Securities Disclosures
Market Volatility
Trading Options at Zecco Trading
Options Agreement and Disclosure
Characteristics and Risks of Standardized Options
Trading on Margin at Zecco Trading
Zecco Trading Margin Account Disclosure
Zecco Trading Disclosures
Clearing Relationship
Order Execution and Routing Practices (SEC Rule 606)
Software License
Zap Trade License
Looking for More Information?
If you have investing, compliance, or regulatory questions or concerns, you may follow these links and visit industry regulators and agencies.

Zecco Trading, Inc. is a registered member of some or all of the listed organizations. However, our membership does not constitute a recommendation by these organizations to the services and products that we offer. These links are for informational purposes only.
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