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Our Mission Continues

Zecco was founded with a singular, revolutionary idea - to democratize investing by reducing the friction of transaction costs and giving every investor the opportunity and tools for potential success.

Now, in joining forces with our new sister company TradeKing, we'll be advancing that mission like never before. As two innovators in the online brokerage industry, we remain focused on delivering extraordinary value for the self-directed investor through a combination of low-cost trades, an exceptional trading platform and world-class client service.

In August 2012, we officially announced our merger with TradeKing, making Zecco a part of the new holding company TradeKing Group, Inc. We are excited about the benefits this merger will offer our clients. To learn more, visit https://www.zecco.com/c/zecco-tradeking-merger-questions.aspx

Our Management Team

The new TradeKing Group Management Team is made up of industry leaders with a common vision to put the power of investing in the hands of the investor. By continually challenging the status quo, these leaders have forever changed the face of online brokerage, making trading a far more accessible, transparent and social experience than previously thought possible.

Zecco Media Center

Zecco has been featured in hundreds of media publications including: The Associated Press, Barron's, CNBC, CNN, Fortune, MarketWatch, Reuters, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and the Washington Post. Find these and other press releases, press contacts, blogs and logos in the Zecco Media Center.

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